About us

We are committed to bridging the growing partisan divide in order to tackle our largest challenges and leave a better state for future generations.

The challenge

As Democrats and Republicans move further to their respective extremes, Arizona’s state legislature has become more polarized than ever before. The result is that many Arizonans are left without a voice in our government, and the legislature itself has become paralyzed by increasing partisanship.

Bottom line: there is little progress on the issues we all care about, from infrastructure to education.

Our solution

We’re focused on scaling and accelerating the movement to put voters first, and ensure that the right leaders have the right incentives to solve our country’s greatest problems.

Our Strategy

Our core strategy allows us to put voters first and promote the right leadership to create a better, more united Arizona.


People who put people over party. It’s not about prescribing an ideology; it's about solving problems. We support candidates in both parties' primaries who are pragmatic, pro-reform, and pledge to join a cross-partisan caucus.

Ranked Choice Voting

More voice, choice, and power in our elections. Ranked Choice Voting is an improved way to vote — one that ensures that the winner of an election actually has a majority of support.

Vote By Mail

Making voting secure and accessible. Vote by mail systems make it easier for citizens to cast an informed and secure ballot in elections.

Independent Redistricting

Because politicians shouldn't choose their voters. Independent Redistricting Commissions curtail partisan gerrymandering by taking party politics and special interests out of the mapmaking process.

Nonpartisan Primaries

Letting all voters vote. Period. How do you make sure politicians listen to all their constituents? Simple: by giving all of their constituents a voice in their election through open and nonpartisan primaries.

Our Team

We work with Democrats, Republicans, and independents committed to bringing real change to our state’s politics.

Luis Acosta-Herrera
Executive Director